NWCL Develops Wuhan Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre Transforming Wuhan Into a Modern Metropolis

The cornerstone was laid at a groundbreaking ceremony today for Wuhan Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre, which will assume a prominent position on the Hankou Yangtze Riverfront in the Erqi Business District. The projected cost of the project, developed and managed by New World China Land Limited (“NWCL” or “the Company”), is over RMB 10 billion. Adhering to the eco-friendly philosophy of Green development with a priority on ecology, this complex development is destined to become a new iconic landmark in Wuhan.


Future International Landmark

This is the third CTF Finance Centre project developed by NWCL. At an estimated cost of around RMB 15 billion, the strategically situated centre complex was designed to create a seamless integration of arts, humanity and nature with particular emphasis on sustainability. Expected to become the next global architectural marvel, this project covers a total area of approximately 129,000 sq. m. and boasts a permitted gross floor area of approximately 668,000 sq. m, of which 125,000 sq. m has been earmarked for office use, and 80,000 sq. m for residential use. Fortune 500 companies are expected to establish their offices in this mix-use complex upon its completion. The retail section will be managed by K11 in an effort to help Wuhan to achieve true metropolis status.


Tree of Life & Flower of the City

Dubbed as the “Tree of Life”, Wuhan Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre was designed to echo the majestic stature of trees. Tightly clad with vast expanses of verdant wall plants, a network of footbridges links together the project’s east end, west end and surrounding business areas. Elevated walkways radiating out from the central point of the complex evoke images of intertwined tree roots. This project achieves an organic connection between buildings and the surrounding grounds with dovetailing thoroughfares, metro systems, light railways, sidewalks and viewing platforms that allow for complete separation of traffic and pedestrians.  

Conceived as a spectacular floral emblem radiating within the city of Wuhan, the main building of the project is a skyscraper which is designed to resemble a flower bud when one looks straight ahead and a blooming flower when viewed from the top. With enclosed curtain walls taking on the appearance of petals, this mega complex is symbolic of Wuhan’s bright future. Wuhan Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre is a celebration of natural beauty, and this is revealed by its widespread use of water, trees and flowers in its overall aesthetic design, complemented by dynamic, appealing spaces created by a sunken plaza, an array of gardens and other scenic features. “Tree bridges” have been constructed to link together the finance centre, the central park and the city’s riverfront, which will help transform Hankou Yangtze Business District and the Yangtze River Economic Belt into a breathtaking cityscape truly worthy of metropolis status.


Major Driver of Wuhan’s Economy

NWCL, one of the first Hong Kong pioneer entering the China property market, has been dedicated to the social and economic growth of Wuhan. To this end, we’ve taken part in a range of major development projects in the city, including Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, the Second Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Wuhan New World International Trade Tower, and Wuhan Guanggu New World. The recently opened Guanggu K11 and Wuhan Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre, currently under construction, are indicative of the Company’s passionate pursuit of innovation in sculpting China’s cityscapes, and the great efforts we put forth to achieve ideal urbanisation throughout the country. For 26 years, NWCL has been leveraging its experience, finances and human resources to build Wuhan into a true metropolis, a goal closely aligned with the developmental policy enacted by the Wuhan government. Expectations are high for Wuhan to become one of the many beneficiaries of China’s nationwide urbanisation policy, and will soon proudly present its new look to the world.