NWC Holds Brand Launch Event in Guangzhou to Unveil New Tagline "Soul of the City"

New World China Land Limited (“New World China” or “NWC”), one of the early Hong Kong pioneer entering the China property market, held a brand launch event in Guangzhou to unveil its new tagline, “Soul of the City.” This new tagline encapsulates the Company’s vision, mission and values. The corporate video shown during the launch event accurately captured NWC’s unwavering dedication, as adept operator in urban settings, to humanity, craftsmanship and innovation with the aim of building living, breathing cities imbued with souls. True to its brand concept, NWC will continue expanding its business operations to first- and second-tier cities in mainland China, focusing on skyscrapers, large-scale mixed-use complexes and residential neighbourhoods projects in a hopeful, persistent and wholehearted effort to enhance the vitality of cities and improve citizens’ quality of life.    


By highlighting NWC’s major projects across an impressive array of cities, the launch event gave guests a helpful glimpse of how “Soul of the City” will evoke an essential sense of urban culture characterised by unique charms, marked plurality, and exquisite artisanship. This event kicked off with a performance by the dynamic and creative Hé Band, whose captivating sound of soul, as well as flawless mix of Chinese classical music and Western pop, put guests into a state of perfect harmonic balance between tradition and modernity. What followed was a live painting performance by Filiz Li, the only Chinese artist working in the medium of Ebru, the UNESCO heritage-listed Turkish art of water marbling. Afterward, Mr. So Chung-Keung Alfred, Director and Chief Executive Officer of NWC, Ms. Huang Shao-Mei Echo, Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of NWC and Mr. Chan Lai-Man, Raymond, Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of NWC inaugurated the launch ceremony, by referencing the Company’s pledge to introduce soul into cities as suggested by its new tagline, and also announcing its best intentions to create fulfilling places and thriving cities that people love to call home.


Mr. So Chung-Keung, Director and Chief Executive Officer of NWC, gave a rousing speech at the opening ceremony. He said, in part “In the midst of a new phase of urbanisation in China, it is inevitable that people expect to live better lives. With highly experienced and professional teams at our disposal, we at NWC have adjusted our brand ideals accordingly, while continuing to revere our roots, cherish our heritage, adhere to our aspirations and fulfil our mission. Working on the premise that humanity and heritage must be fully embraced, we endeavour to bring the Soul of the City to life with our craftsmanship, innovation and vision. It is our dream that every city can boast of its own soul and vitality with its people living a life of harmony. We should take good care of every piece of land on our motherland, regardless of size, and respect the culture of every city. We should also be aware that our way of life has been made possible only by the toil and hardship of our ancestors. The mission of NWC is not to erect blocks and blocks of high-rises, but rather we are working hard to make a positive impression on our great country’s history by improving the lives of people and promoting the cultures of our cities.”    


We bring the “Soul of the City” to life

Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, people-centric principles have been prioritised to achieve the goal of improving people’s living standards by way of quality urbanisation. At the same time, urbanites themselves are expecting to live better lives, and that is why cities are expected to become future incubators for hope and glory. 


In a truly artisanal approach to harmonious integration of art, humanity, craft, heritage, aesthetics, quality and sustainability, NWC has embraced the new tagline, Soul of the City with tremendous verve, accountability and artisanship, discovering and meeting people’s different needs by giving each and every city a great deal of unvarnished soul.


Over the course of the event, three NWC staffs from different departments were invited onstage to illustrate the Company’s brand values by sharing their own experiences. Joah Zhou, Service Attendant at the Canton Club said, she’s great admirer of people-centric services and have gained a better understanding of the human side of customer service thanks to the trust and support shown to me by the Company. Hank Lyu, General Manager - Business Department and also an experienced project planner, said, NWC’s emphasis on artisanship was the main reason for him to join the Company years ago as it promised fine designs of soulful architecture and helping create communities with a strong sense of belonging among residents. Frankie Yip, Manager - Executive Office said that, not only does NWC love young ideas, it also encourages innovation and advances in technology in order to make as many dreams as possible come true.


NWC’s brand values have long been inculcated in every NWC employee. The Company’s trademark blend of “Humanistic, City Maker, and Insight Driven” has enabled the Company to deliver manifold stellar projects and impart a great deal of soul into every city.


Mr. Chan Lai-Man Raymond, Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of NWC, said- “Our adherence to project quality is unshakable, and so is the Company’s passion for green architecture. For example, our application of terracotta tiles for the exterior of the Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre was the world’s first ever attempt at putting the eco-friendly building material to use in a skyscraper. We also applied advanced BIM processes to the super tall Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre in an entirely efficient and safe manner. The projects we have completed so far have been without exception guided by the Company’s lofty brand values. Our insistence on supreme quality has also helped produce in China scores of city landmarks, all of which are comfortably residential and wholly sustainable.”


Blueprint for Unlocking Countless Opportunities

At New World China, we see a city as more than a crowed skyline. It is a vessel of artistry and humanity, where hopes blossom and families take root. Ms. Huang Shao-Mei, Echo, Director and Deputy Chief Executive officer of NWC said, “Large-scale urban regeneration is now all the rage across the country. The urban planning carried out by NWC, widely regarded as an adept operator in urban settings, usually features large-scale mixed-used complexes, which promise to sustain the development of local communities and nurture a cultural identity for each city. NWC will continue to ramp up its investing activities in high value-added and strategic cities in areas such as the Greater Bay Area, Southern China, Jingjinji Metropolitan Region and Yangtze River Delta. We will also continue to develop projects with enormous potential and iconic features, including skyscrapers, large-scale mixed-use complexes and residential neighbourhood projects with the aim of creating fulfilling places and thriving communities. We demand from ourselves the highest levels of respect for the soul, culture and lifestyle of each city. NWC hopes that every city can eventually blossom into a place of greatness and that we are able to contribute to its eventual success.”    


As the flagship mainland China property arm of New World Group, NWC will use the new tagline as the prologue to its new venture. Leveraging its experience, finances and human resources to gain an advantage in first- and second-tier cities offering enormous potential, the Group will continue to unlock countless opportunities in this new wave of urban regeneration in China.